Nueces Canyon Whitetail Deer

We breed high quality rated and registered high bred Whitetail deer. Our herd has been derived from top bucks and does from around the Central and Southern US and of course, Texas, all have passed the strictest levels of testing and state approvals. Our intent is to grow the herd and sell only the best Whitetails anyone can get.

Please feel free to browse this site if you are interested in buying or selling top shelf Whitetail deer. Check the pedigrees of the various animals and semen we have to offer. Then just go to our "Contact Us" page to inquire further about a particular animal. Or just hit our photo album for some pictures of these beautiful specimens. We don’t use stock photography so, what you see on these pages are on site or we have or have been in the past.

Our breeding facilities are located about an hour South of Fort Worth.

Enjoy the site Y’all!

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